Fabulous Friday’s Linkup Party!

It’s been very busy around here this summer- I’ve been on non-stop babysitting and help out duty for my daughter who recently gave birth. Although it gets hectic and there’s a lot of cooking involved as well, the part where I’m with the kids is what I love most. Being a grandparent offers all the joys of love- without the raising! Here’s Zach relaxing with Charlie.

And my stylish look after I put my grandson to nap… It was time for some me-time out in the yard, enjoying some restful moments.

Then there was also my second grandson’s Christening- it was a beautiful and memorable day.

There’s my beautiful eldest daughter beside me- and my gorgeous hubs there too!

I wore a vintage duster from Vintage Mod Mix and I’m crazy about it!! This lady has incredible merch. You can also find her on Instagram : @vintagemodmix Also picked my favourite white bell bottoms and a gorgeous top I got in Rome awhile back. Simple, bright and chic.

Look at the details on this lace fabric! I’m also loving the little beaded purse I found at an estate pre-pan…

The weekends, ever since my birthday, have been a continuous get-together. We also celebrated my Mother-in-law’s and my first daughter’s name Day (both Maria, as is customary in both Greek and Italian culture),last weekend. So again lots of food…and me smack between my grandsons making sure they ate lol!

And you can be sure there’s always some music for us to dance to! Here’s my husband and me dancing away on a favourite Greek tune, with our grandsons!

Oh! This week, I’m thrilled to have been a guest host on Carrie’s blog: Curly Crafty Mom! Loved the experience to write for someone else’s blog! Plus Carrie is the sweetest person with a great sense of style. Have you checked out her blog- so much fun stuff there, and I love reading about her finds and also about her family. So it was such a pleasure for me to host there! CHECK THAT OUT HERE

And on Monday was also the Thrifty Six Collab- so if you haven’t checked out my fabulous fashionista friends and I to see what we thrifted and wore: Fool’s Gold- CHECK THAT OUT HERE.

As for today, I’m styling up a fun black and white print mix- with a pop of red in this cute, brand new (but thrifted!) Steve Madden cross bag. I’m showing some styling tips on Insta stories today- as well as a fun reel!

But now…Back to our Friday thing!!

I know that Confessions has been on a bit of a break…but I still read all your blog post linked up from the last party! And here is my FAVOURITE FASHION DIVA from the last party: Penny of The Frugal Fashion Shopper!

My FAVOURITE READ from last Linkup by: Wendy of The Inspired Reader. I strongly recommend anyone going through menopause to read this incredible post and a new way of approaching acceptance. I loved this!!!

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And now LOVIES are you READAYYY for the PARTAYYY?!!!

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!


Have a Wonderful Weekend my Darlings!

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  1. Your opening outfit with the lemon duster on white is gorgeous! Really pretty. I’m visiting the vintage blog today.

    And Zach and Charlie are darling too!

    Of course all of the grand-little people are adorable.

    Thank you so much for featuring me. It means so much.

    Thank you!


    1. Thanks! We really do have fun with them! And Michelle, run to get some green!! We all need this colour in our life! xx

  2. Oh that duster sure is gorgeous: perfect for the christening! Sounds like a fabulous time with the grandkids. I hope I will be full of energy when that time comes: my parents are older and time with the grandkids is different for them. Hubby and I started having kids close to our thirthies (I was 42 with my youngest) so need to stay healthy and active!

    1. YOu will Mireille! You will have the energy when you need it:) I also had my last at 40 and worry about this too…but I think we are taking good care of ourselves and living longer- so there’s lots to be positive about! Have a great weekend xx

  3. Absolutely love the outfit you wore to the christening! That cute bag too!
    What a sweet video too. Have a wonderful weekend

    1. So happy you enjoyed it! Thanks so much! The yellow and white look was spontaneous and I’m so glad it worked. Have a great week xx

  4. Such wonderful memories with your family! The kids are adorable!! Of course, so is Charlie! Lol! Love your interpretation of black and white, Lucy, and of course, those limes and yellows look so fab on you!! Happy weekend!

    xx Darlene

    1. Thank you so much! And definitely limes and yellows are colours I adore. Have a great week xx

  5. So wonderful to get together with family and celebrate all these things, isn’t it? Lucy, you simply glow in yellow – of course I love all of your outfits, but the yellow duster is my fave. Such details!

    I’m going to check out the meno read ASAP. Thanks so much for the link-party! Happy weekend!

  6. Somehow I missed this post, Lucy! Congratulations on your grandson’s christening. You look so beautiful for the occasion. What an amazing duster! And that bright yellow maxi dress is summer perfection. I also love your black and white outfit with the mixed prints! So fun!


    1. Thank you so much Shelbee! It was a wonderful day! And that print-mixing in black and white was super easy and it worked well- Have a great weekend xx

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