CREATIVE STYLING: Once Upon a Time…3 Dresses, 1 Skirt

Remember on my last post how I changed the above dress into a top?

How creative are you with your style? If you’re finding that your wardrobe is lacking a bit of spunk or that it’s always same old, same old- then now’s the time to do something different!

Diy’s are always fun to do, especially when we really can’t wear the piece anymore (example: it doesn’t fit).  But there are some diy’s that require No Change at all!  It’s called: Creative Styling.

Creative styling just requires you to use your imagination to start wearing an item in a completely different way than it was originally intended- WITHOUT altering the piece.

Here are some examples of creative styling: 

  1. using a scarf as a belt
  2. Wearing tops front to back
  3. Wearing a jacket as a top
  4. Wearing a cardigan as a wrap-around top
  5. Wearing a dress as a top
  6. Wearing a house duster as an evening top or dress (You’ve seen lots of this happening on this post)
  7. Turning a short dress into a long dress…

The possibilities are endless.  Today, I’m gonna do Number 7!  See how I turned 3 short dresses into midi looks- just with one skirt!

Here are two of the dresses I creatively styled-up.
This is the way the dress is originally intended to be worn
All you need is one long SHEER skirt….
Wear the dress over the long sheer skirt, plus a belt: Here is Look No. 1
Same Skirt- different Dress: Look NO. 2
Same Skirt , third dress: Look NO. 3

And there you have it! Seriously…How easy was that?

Wanna see the process? Please watch here:

I strongly encourage you to play in your closet and do some Creative Styling of your own! If and when you do- please share and link back to me! I’d love to see what you come up with and will share in my insta stories as well. Enjoy!

In other news…This week my article was featured in Links a la Mode!

Wanna Kick-up Your Style a Notch? Start Wearing your Wanna- be- Kimonos.

This post was featured on Links à la Mode fashion roundup by Independent Fashion Bloggers.

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And now…ANOUNCING: Favourite Fashion Styling Diva of the Week!

Once a week I will be featuring and linking a super stylish lady whose outfit  made me swoon- and will surely inspire you as well.  If you get featured, please spread the love by mentioning it on your own site with a link back to mine.

Today’s Favourite Fashion Styling Diva of the Week is:  Norbyah of imanorbyah and

Go check out her Instagram- I am obsessed with her style!

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24 thoughts on “CREATIVE STYLING: Once Upon a Time…3 Dresses, 1 Skirt

Add yours

  1. Lucy, I did not know you had a blog. I found you through one of the linkups, nice to see your blog. This is @adafurxhi (my Instagram handle). I also have a style linkup on Thursdays called Thursday Moda and I’d love for you to join it. I have been slacking on blogging since last Fall but hopefully I can get my shit together this month lol.

    You are always so creative with your pieces and your outfits. I am all about wearing a piece different ways or acting as something different entirely, just like you mentioned in this post. Loved how those dresses turned out with the long slip-style tulle skirts. I even pinned the looks.

    WELCOME BY, Ada. =)

    1. Hi Ada! Nice to see you here! I’m definitely going to come link up with you on Thursdays- I too didn’t know you had a blog- will go check that out:) xx

  2. I am typically not too creative in using an item in a different manner than it was intended but you have some good ideas here! Right now, I am working on finding different new combos with my clothes and still weeding out a couple things that I really don’t wear.

    1. It’s good to try to prolong the use of a garment by changing it up a bit! I’m sure that as you weed out, some fun ideas will come to you:)

    1. Thank you! After those three dresses, I found even more possibilities with just that one skirt!

  3. Lucy, you are so creative! I love finding new and interesting ways to style dresses. I love these posts that give so many different ideas. I know these take a lot of work from the preparation standpoint and photos. So thank you for taking the time to put it all together in one fabulous post!


    1. You’re so kind Shelbee- so happy I found you!! It’s true they take time, but if it can help- then I’m happy to do it! I’ve actually had a few people ask me ‘why I bother since this is not even paying me one cent’…can you believe it? So I really appreciate your comment- Thanks so much:) xx

  4. Hi Lucy!
    I love prints too! The dresses are lovely! I don’t know why but I don’t often think to wear a skirt under a dress or a dress with pants under it. I really like how you wore that pink floral tucked in like a top. That looks great! I am certainly for making clothes go far and having fun with them. Ill have to experiment! You are tall too, so it certainly works! Are you 5’10? I am 5 ft 9.
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

    1. Hi Jess! Yes you must experiment- and I think a dress over pants would look fabulous on you! You’re like a model! I’m not that tall- 5’6! But I get that a lot…people thinking I’ taller than I really am. Thanks:)

  5. How creatively refreshing Lucy. I love it! Now I just need a sheer skirt to start playing around. 😉 And your feature idea is so fun.

    Have a great week!
    Chrissy, Granola & Grace

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